Pete & TInk


Pete & Tink

Pete Pancerella loves two things in life: 

Video games 
and Spongy Cremes. 

He's happy, content, and he's also a geek. All that is about to change when his mother wishes upon a star and Tink answers the call. But will it take more than a five-and-a-half inch faery to whip this manga-loving goofball into shape?

 Pete & tink is a fun(ny) fantasy romance about growing up and giving all you have for love.


Suddenly the water in the shower sputtered to life, and my body, my half-clothed body, was hoisted into the shower. 

“Hey, wait a minute!” I yelled, pulling off my jeans before they got too wet.

“I gave you fifteen minutes, I’m done waiting,” Tinkle yelled through the door. Out of nowhere appeared an ominous scrub brush and some strange looking blue soap. The soap and brush started at my head, lathering and scrubbing, hard. My head began tingling.

Each time I tried to grab the brush; it rapped me on the hand. After several welts, I decided to try for the soap, only it kept slipping out.

The pair worked its way down my back, scrubbing off what had to be six layers of skin, all the while my skin tingled.

“This has to be real. It hurts way too much to be my imagination.” Yet there was still a nagging voice in my head telling me it was impossible. As the soap approached my lower male regions, I protested.

“Listen up, Faery.” I was not going to call her Tinkle again. “I’ll wash my own man parts, if you please.”

I heard her snicker as the soap and brush slid to a halt in midair in front of me. I grabbed them and proceeded to wash my reason for living, unassisted. After only a few seconds, the soap and brush bolted out of my hands and resumed scrubbing my legs.

"Hey, I wasn't done!"

“It takes the average male 10.6 seconds to adequately wash his ‘man parts’”, she snickered again. “I gave you 12.4 seconds, in case you’re a little slow.”

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